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Started out with nothin'.
Now I'm tryna make it somethin'.
I been at it for a minute, but ay, who's countin'?
Man, I'm always on the rise, why's my competition fallin'?
They can't even climb the steps, but me? I'm climbin' fuckin' mountains.
Yo, this is for the ones, who said that I would never jump the gun.
I ain't ever gonna stop, I ain't ever gonna run.
Away from the game that injected fuckin' life in me.
Through all this shit, Music's the only one who ain't conivin' me.
Life's a dirty bitch, I fuck her, no effort, she's ridin' me.
While you suckas in the race, I jump the gun and get ahead.
Foot to the pedal, with a bitch in the passenger, teasin' my other head.
Ha, why they always in my business?
Never applied any effort, they was never in this to win this.
Oh, motherfucker, you winless, you 0-16.
Who else you know with hotter flows, smokin' barrel 16s?
I don't need no introduction, I'm just here to start the show.
I don't need no fuckin' billboard, banners, they already know, yea.

This ain't my moment, and ayo, this ain't my fuckin' hour.
This is my reign, I'm doin' thangs, so tell me, can you feel the power?
Buildin' up an empire, I ain't Trump, I tell 'em "Fuck a tower.".
Success'll make 'em envious, explains why all these suckas sour.
Sourpatch Kids, sour, sweet, and then they gone.
Three Muskateers without the duo, do this shit on my own.
Droppin' me like cell phone calls, but yo, they'll never find the phone.
I ain't even gonna bother, they'll be reapin' what they sowed.
But, don't get it twisted, I ain't tryna make it biblical.
I'm just here to fuck the game, Newton John, let's get physical.
Real recognize real, real's on the rise.
You should realize (Real-eyes.) my rise unless you rock prosthetic eyes.
Man, this ain't for all the flies, yo, this ain't for all the fakes.
Unless you flyin' just like I am, I'm determined to be great.
I'll accept this as my fate, I'm designed to kill it daily.
Try to picture life without success, but then my mind gets kinda hazy.

Livin' for the moment, but my stopwatch never stoppin'.
Rock And Roll geology, I'm a boulder, I'm steady rockin'.
Never gonna drop, so hold no reservations on my coffin.
Know that Im'ma make it, I don't even know why you be scoffin'.
Tell me where you get off, because I ain't here to pleasure ya.
Unless you like it rough with whips and chains and fuckin' leather cuffs.
Boy, you like a shadow when I'm only tryna shine.
Skip the previews, fuck the reviews, I'm headin' straight for the Headlines.
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