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One big room, full of bad bitches.
I fuck 'em once, I lick 'em twice, and leave 'em in the ditches.
And they fulfill my wishes, she said I only get three.
Want you and two of your friends, Janet, Chrissy, Three's Company.
I tell her ride the beat, you can call me subwoofer.
I'm thinkin' I should pay her, she's nastier than a hooker.
And I know that she's a one night stand, one hitter quitter.
But I'll fuck her 'til she's blue in the face like a Coors sticker.
We sippin' on some liquor, and we smokin' on some chronic.
And I'm speaking her sex, so now she say that she's hooked on phonics.
Electronic, so Im'ma charge her up just like a battery.
Energizer Bunny, beat my drum until I splatter, see?
And I am mad as a Hatter, Alice rip off my top hat.
Cheshire pussy, like I taught I taw a putty tat.
Im'ma fuck her daylights out, loss of electricity.
Not fuckin' a basic bitch, I don't fuck with that simplicity.

Best you ever had, and your mans is tryna top that.
Higher to the sky, because I'm smokin' on that loud pack.
Destroying all these tracks, Heavy Metal Slayer.
Middle finger in the air for all these petty little haters.
Man, you ain't a player, you a kid that plays with Tonka Trucks.
And you ain't stackin' paper, you just countin' up Monopoly bucks.
All these paper gangstas totin' Super Soaker water guns.
Claimin' that they rollin', when their bank has insufficient funds.
And I'm just havin' fun, shittin' on you Porta-Johns.
You say that you mobbin'? Im'ma lynch you, so call me the Don.
I ain't even playin', man, I tend to be too serious.
You thinkin' you the shit, ayo, I think that you delirious.
I think it's so damn hideous, this game is getting ugly.
Here to state my case, and of course, I'll do it smugly.
Confidence is key, and I got this shit on lock down.
Head of the class, you's a motherfuckin' drop out.
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