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New Single Video (First Verse)

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Im A Mime said:
thats me at :37 :D
LatinoLoco said:
Are you gonna be pissed if this song is too radio friendly?  I mean, so many Lu fans are always concerned about the whole "selling out" business, so I'm curios.  I personally think it sounds great.  Hook sounds mad catchy.
I don't care if it's radio friendly. That means more fans  :dno:
Who do you think is on the hook?
Jayvin said:

Well it's supposed to feature somebody idk  :dno:
Dan The Fiasco said:
I agree, we die-hards may may have to bend a lil when it comes to Lu attracting more fans, hook em then they hear his other music and get the REAL picture!!!! - Just look at Superstar... kinda poppy & commercialish but it had some cool rhymes and lyrics that your average radio listener wouldn't get, the kind of stuff we love....
wiz0_0 said:
I think it's just a sample.
Nah the hook lyrics isn't sampled only the style of singing and the beat is. The hook sampled a song from 2004.

Check the 2:10 mark
Frak said:
shit sounds like a beat from a wayne song....
The song is produced by Kane Beatz and he works with Young Money
Frak said:
shit sounds like "right above it" too....sigh
Lupe's choice of producers hasnt always been to my liking
Haha Kane Beatz produced Right Above It
CT said:
I love the beat :dno:
but people will always complain
Shy said:
So he's doing a first single....AGAIN? :facepalm:
He never did
1 - 12 of 99 Posts
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