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*NEW* Future Today - A JSCBeats Mixtape/Album (Links Embeded) *NEW*

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Future Today

Okay well I have been making beats for about a year now (i'm only 13 :O), and have decided to make a Mixtape/Album
Tbh, I have no idea what to do, but what the hey, I made a thread and have cover art!

The mixtape/album is called future today as I like to think most of my beats are modern/futuristic except a few. I will add more songs soon, when I finish them, and I may release this.



Track List

1. Into - Not made yet, but will be dope ;)
2. The JSCBeats Sound
3. Lets Go
4. Funky Synth
5. SlowTech
6. Poor Man Journey Ft. MrDoll (Maybe - Its Reggae)
7. Launch
8. Into The Future
9. Inglorios Glory Part 2
10. Explode
11. Misty
12. Lets Get 'Em - Instrulmental
13. Lets Get 'Em Ft. KKT - Prod By JSCBeats
14. Back2Back
15. iJscbeats
16. Griimez
22. Outro - Not made yet, should be exciting :p

The ones I missed out are yet to be made, or are featuring other artists, but this will be an exclusive and I will only post a few weeks before release.

Release Date: (Jan-Mar)

Some sneak peaks:

Lets Get 'Em - Prod By JSCBeats
The JSCBeats Sound
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My exact thought lol. This dude gunna be making some serious money in the future off beats...
Synopsis said:
Your only 13 and already this dope!
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