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I’ll never let my son have an ego
I make sure he act nice wherever we go....
treat my son well go hand in hand
tear rolls down my face when he says he wanna be like dad
cant help think about my fathers choices and how he had
the willingness to sacrifice his life so his son wouldnt have it so bad
always did say you hoped i'd never turn out like you
be lucky to be half the man you were, too real of a dude
so even when you pass away ill be a living testament of your soul
father like son can no ***** come close...

so to my unborn son hope you can forgive your fathers selfishness
me not bringing you into this world was probably the best gift

lol just a verse that came to mind..yea i bit the first line from YE..but ill change if it i ever record in my life....but whatcha think? still working on it...need a better quaility of new day fucking base heavy piece of shit
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