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This song is amazing! Has anyone heard it? Sorry if it's been posted.

Uploaded it to mediafire

N.E.R.D is prepping the release of their latest project, Nothing. Pharrell Williams recently spoke to Billboard about the album, describing its sound and saying he hopes it becomes a timeless work of art, after adding that previous N.E.R.D. projects have not lived up to the timeless tag.

"We thought why not make a timeless album that's kind of a time capsule, so 10 years from now people look at that album and go, 'I remember that era. That's when the 'Nothing' album came out.' I just wanted to make some good music that would affect people in a good way."

One song said to be on the album is "God Bless Us All," a song that Williams said was about a friend in the business who is a superstar. The song is meant to offer "words of encouragement," he added, because the star went through "a rough patch." Later, he noted that the unnamed friend is "making good music and people are warming back up to him." This has already prompted some to speculate that the track is for Kanye West, a friend of Williams who suffered tough times, particularly after his mother's death. Allusions to West also come due to the G.O.O.D. Music reference, but the muse for the track has not been officially stated.

The album, which features Daft Punk, will be released November 2.
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