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Need Some Help And Advice

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apparently if you buy tickets from resell on tickermaster you cant refund them and i bought the wrong one. would it be smart to contact my bank and say i didnt make the purchase im currently waiting to talk to someone from ticketmaster

but if you trying to buy them they are to powerhouse 2018 on may 12 ill sell you the ticket 67 i just need want my money back you can avoid fees
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nah im venmo my friend the money and they buy it
Slim Jxmmi said:
hows it ganna look when you say you didnt buy it.. get it canceled and then buy the right ticket
you do it for online orders too? just wondering if this might work
guyontheinternet said:
yeah i do that shit all the time for stuff i actually bought but i want a quick juug
when you tell them there was a purchase made that was not "done by you" do they send a new card to you ?
guyontheinternet said:
hell yeah. i even bought bitcoins once with my debit card and told them my card got stolen
are you able to tell them to ship the card to a certain location cause im at school and need my card asap
guyontheinternet said:
yeah usually. i just call and say theres an unauthorized purchase on my acc and they close ur card and send a new one
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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