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For my history class we read this book called Broken Spears that described the Spanish invasion and conquering of the Aztecs. Now, my professor wants us to do a creative assignment due this Friday where we imagine a movie is being made and we use contemporary music to create a soundtrack for the scenes. Then, we gotta write a paragraph or two about each song and why we chose it for that scene. So, she said she doesn't want all violins and flutes and stuff. Basically, I need 7 songs and I really don't know what songs to use. I mean, contemporary music for me is what's on the radio but I can't make some Katy Perry Lil Wayne shit into this soundtrack lol. I respect KTT and most of you guys' opinions on music, so could you suggest some song ideas for me?

The "parts" of the movie are Europe & The Americas, Two Worlds Meet, Confrontations, Perceptions of Colonial Experience, and Legacy. They were broken down into the following potential scenes:

1.) Opening Credits: OMENS (comets in the sky, earthquake, etc...)
2.) Americas - urban hustle and bustle showing Aztec city states and Motecuhzoma's palace with women and children
3.) Spain - grand cities and court shown, shows the importance of grandiose churches and their desire for gold in the Baroque era
4.) Aztec Warriors return, grand celebration in the city, human sacrifice to the gods
5.) Aztec scout reports Spanish ship landing, grand temple burns to the ground to reinforce omens


1.) Motecuhzoma sending messengers with gifts, Cortes receiving them on his ship
2.) The messengers and Spaniards meet; the Aztecs put human blood on food as worship, Spaniards reject in horror, shoot their cannon as an act of aggression
3.) Spanish begin gaining local Aztec allies and Motecuhzoma questions whether they are gods; villagers become sick with disease


1.) Spaniards marching to Tenochtitlan, conflicted and fearful about the Aztecs
2.) Motecuhzoma weighs his options and also is conflicted and fearful, considers fleeing
3.) FESTIVAL --> food, dancing, costumes, women, wealth, party held by Aztecs as the Spaniards watch
4.) Spaniards see gold and whisper about an ambush
5.) Epic battle scene (FIGHT MUSIC)


1.) Crying women, sickness
2.) Mass slavery and confusion
3.) Mass, forced conversions to Christianity
4.) Other Aztec city states join/rebel


1.) Fast-forward many years, Mexico is a mixture of Europeans and descendants of the defeated Aztecs. They constantly send letters to the King of Spain describing their grievances against the Spaniards and the ways they are treated poorly in their native homeland.

I have to like combine these scenes in a 7-9 song soundtrack and explain why I use the songs. I rarely post shit this long and y'all might not even care but I really, REALLY need help as this is a major project. Does anybody have any serious ideas for me? I was considering using a song from the Legend of Zelda: Windwaker soundtrack for one of the scenes but other than that I have no idea. I posted in the music section since this is music related.
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