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hey all,

I signed up to this board a few days after it started running, and I was an occasional poster on KLive. Anyway I've decided to be a lot more active over here, I was pretty active on boxden the last few months but that community's not really doing it for me anymore.

ANYWAY, yes I rap and I've recently completed my newest mixtape, called The Hellenic Mixtape.

Here's the "first single" of sorts, called One Hit Wonder, produced by Cut Throat Kid and featuring Booso & Clark:

Here's another youtube video of a song from the tape, S.O.M.C. III:

and, lastly, if you liked one or both of those songs you can download the full, 13 track, mixtape at http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?1tbkclbqc4u7ta5

For more information you can go to www.ngoogs.com, where I have another full mixtape, 10 Beers, along with a few other, smaller, projects that you can download. You can also find me on facebook, n.googs, and twitter, @ngoogs.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out and let me know what you think! I love constructive criticism! :stronger:

1.) Follow Me (produced by n.googs)
2.) If Only (produced by Dust Hill)
3.) I Guess (produced by Adam Daniels)
4.) With You (produced by Prime Time Productions)
5.) S.O.M.C. III (produced by DJ Frontier)
6.) The Grind (produced by Noodlez)
7.) Hustler featuring The Cataracs (samples "I Get Doe" by Glasses Malone)
8.) One Hit Wonder featuring Booso & Clark (produced by Cut Throat Kid)
9.) Huularious (produced by Borg)
10.) The Life (produced by MJD Beats)
11.) Polly 2 (produced by MJD Beats)
12.) Can You Feel? (produced by Ferdig Minimert,)
13.) Cigarettes (Roze & The Fallen Angel featuring n.googs)
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