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*Latest Video*

Hey guys,
I been making Youtube videos for a while now but I had stopped last year due to issues as I was dealing with some personal problems. But I was always set on making videos, it's just I was unable to.

But I recently started up again and thought i'd share with KTT again as when i initially started i made a thread and cause I'll be doing it properly now, i thought some of you guys might be interested.

My recent videos are on Rick Owens talking about the brand's history in part 1,
and I just put up a part 2 talking about Rick Owens' relationship with Hip-Hop & Streetwear

I cover fashion and music because thats wat I like and what I like to do.

I got more stuff coming up, like i said, i've only just started uploading again and I'm getting used to it and want to make the best content I can which I will improve on as I continue

So hope you guys enjoy :) :salute:

I also have a Music Playlist wit the latest music videos of songs I like so if you want some new music I do that too
You can access that via my channel:

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LemonadeLeather said:
been in. What did you end up doing with your 3 vetements raincoats?
Thanks dude, I sold one of the black ones and still have the other 2 :salute:

Cody said:
those teeth real?
LOL im dead

isthistobe said:
your late af

this is tumblr 2011
wat u mean? how tumblr got to do with this and education  :drakewhat: :khaled:
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