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My phone number just got doxxed on an IG account with almost a million followers

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Im 90% sure this is somehow connected to my ex or her mom. I broke up with my ex this last weekend. I owed her some bread ($320). On thursday i sent her $1000....i know i know, simp shit. But i wasnt even trying to get back with her, i was honestly just giving her a modest severance package in hopes that we would end on a good note. That night her mom sends me this crazy ass text

so me and her mother go back n forth blase blase, who cares. i was respectful, her mom kept saying that she would do something horrible if i ever talked to her daughter again.... thing is... I BROKE UP WITH HER DAUGHTER AND CUT HER DAUGHTER OFF!! :atiavy:

I dont know why this mom is acting like im the one harrassing her daughter. Her daughter is the one who has been blowing up MY PHONE :drakewhat: , not the other way around. And ive been ignoring her every call.

so tonight, while im on my break, i call my mom to tell her how much im enjoying my day at work (rare). suddenly my phone starts blowing up with texts and calls from a bunch of ppl pretty much saying they wanted to fuck :huh:

so i ask one of these guys where they got my number from and they tell me they got it from an IG page.

the home number in that picture is MY PHONE NUMBER :damn:

so i go this IG Page.....and it has 984k followers :floyd: .....tf

(i only censored out details in the pic just in case some of yall on here follow this account. and if you do, please keep it to yourself, i dont want to further the increase of my number floating around :floyd: )

So i just followed the account, hopefully they accept it so that i can ask them to take my number down and hopefully they can also tell me who exactly gave them my number. if its my ex then cool, i'll just turn a blind eye to it, and keep it moving. theres no need to give them the reaction they want. i'll just change my number and keep it moving

i hate pettiness :smh:
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damn did you dirty after the severance package tho, cold ass world
u sitting on a goldmine and not taking advantage here
Somehow y’all haven’t connected the dots.

OPs girl was probably cheating on him, TF she doing on the page otherwise?
me wa cagar said:
Why did you give her a stack smh
Deprived said:
Im finna get a burner number and put that mf on there and start getting some money :randall:
like scamming thirsty dudes? It sounds like a good idea and those clowns deserve it
CNA LOV3LY said:
Cuz I cheated on her daughter 8 months ago. I’m 90% sure the daughter only tells her mom the good things she does and the bad things I do. So in her mom’s eyes her daughter is perfect.

Which is fine. Every mother should have their child’s back.
My thing is... me and this girl are both 26 years old. We’re adults!!! Don’t be giving my number out to your mom and strangers because you’re upset :cmon:
she probably had her daughter when she was 15 or some shit and never fully matured as an adult.
Deprived said:

***** you could be running up a CHECK right now :floyd:
Drry said:
This guy really gave his ex 1000 dollars

U deserve this tbh
dxz99 said:
Mom dukes is G'd as can mothafuckin be, believe that shit. You better tuck ya whole summer in *****, cause she coming for that ass. You fuckin wit the wrong one, she been waiting for your bitch ass to slip up
This is why I will be on KTT to the day I die because of threads like these :dead:
imagine giving a girl more that mcdonalds
****** said:
can’t believe he topped my $700 L
:koolaid: ktt home to the greenest ppl on earth

He actually did tho

Chaz Trinidad said:
imagine giving a girl more that mcdonalds
****** I promise to protect your innocence forever do you hear me
uu.boy said:
****** I promise to protect your innocence forever do you hear me
holyfuck :koolaid: :jordancry: :dead: <3 :khaled2:

idk how to react to that

LMAO :dead3:
****** said:
holyfuck :koolaid: :jordancry: :dead: <3 :khaled2:

idk how to react to that

LMAO :dead3:
You my dawg 4L  💕
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