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My phone number just got doxxed on an IG account with almost a million followers

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Im 90% sure this is somehow connected to my ex or her mom. I broke up with my ex this last weekend. I owed her some bread ($320). On thursday i sent her $1000....i know i know, simp shit. But i wasnt even trying to get back with her, i was honestly just giving her a modest severance package in hopes that we would end on a good note. That night her mom sends me this crazy ass text

so me and her mother go back n forth blase blase, who cares. i was respectful, her mom kept saying that she would do something horrible if i ever talked to her daughter again.... thing is... I BROKE UP WITH HER DAUGHTER AND CUT HER DAUGHTER OFF!! :atiavy:

I dont know why this mom is acting like im the one harrassing her daughter. Her daughter is the one who has been blowing up MY PHONE :drakewhat: , not the other way around. And ive been ignoring her every call.

so tonight, while im on my break, i call my mom to tell her how much im enjoying my day at work (rare). suddenly my phone starts blowing up with texts and calls from a bunch of ppl pretty much saying they wanted to fuck :huh:

so i ask one of these guys where they got my number from and they tell me they got it from an IG page.

the home number in that picture is MY PHONE NUMBER :damn:

so i go this IG Page.....and it has 984k followers :floyd: .....tf

(i only censored out details in the pic just in case some of yall on here follow this account. and if you do, please keep it to yourself, i dont want to further the increase of my number floating around :floyd: )

So i just followed the account, hopefully they accept it so that i can ask them to take my number down and hopefully they can also tell me who exactly gave them my number. if its my ex then cool, i'll just turn a blind eye to it, and keep it moving. theres no need to give them the reaction they want. i'll just change my number and keep it moving

i hate pettiness :smh:
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do yall know of any other way i can get this page to take down my phone number??
Electric Feel said:
I'm sure you've already done this, but report it
how? i dont know anything about instagram, and the account is private.
Electric Feel said:
What was the IG post even about?
i dont know. i havent seen it . only thing the dude showed me was this

so i know that is ONE of the pictures thats tagged with my number in it. but from what i can tell theres at least a couple of pictures with my number tagged on it saying that im Single and that my name is Brittany 🙄🙄
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Slim Jxmmi said:
she's looked out for me a lot over the years. this last weekend she bought us a dope hotel with a hot tub etc. things went great but ended badly. before hand i had alreadly promised that i would pay her back for the hotel plus throw her some extra for all the times shes looked out for me over the last year.

sure it ended badly but i still wanted her to be alright after the break up. im still good on bread. i know it was stupid. but i figured if i broke her off a nice amount that we could end things cordially.....now i see i was very wrong :snoopsmh:
KELYE said:
In my honest opinion I’d say you should threaten the page AND the mother saying you’ll get police involved. Tell the mother you have proof of her daughter (and her) harassing you.
thats what im thinking. im hoping the page will accept my follow request so i can go look at their followers and see if my ex's IG is in their list
Ghandi said:
You can’t just get a new number?
not till monday
KurcoBane said:
op probably did some weird shit, why would he sent 1k after breaking up in hopes that would make it end on "good terms" and they still coming for your neck :khaled:
she found out i cheated on her.....kind of...i didnt really even cheat. just kissed a girl. it was 8 months ago. but she found out that i ended up fucking the same girl like 3/4 months back during one of our split ups.... but we were broken up....like right now we're broken up...if i go fuck a girl right now i should be in the right...but if we get back together 3 months from now then suddenly im held accountable .... :atiavy:
Dankulo said:
Yo op, have you gotten the accept on that follow request yet? It's possible that the mom or whoever is responsible for that post with your number has that page on the lookout for your follow request. Maybe have someone else try and follow the page?
nope and im starting to think the same thing
SS 19 Rigby said:
Your ex def forwarded that on to the acc, since she couldn’t get your attention. Shit expires after a lil min unless they have it saved in one of their story folders.

Crazy thing is I know that bio, and it’s a pretty popular acc if I remember correctly
Do you follow it?? if not can you?
i just want someone to take a glance at the follower list and look for a certain name
CNA LOV3LY said:
she found out i cheated on her.....kind of...i didnt really even cheat. just kissed a girl. it was 8 months ago. but she found out that i ended up fucking the same girl like 3/4 months back during one of our split ups.... but we were broken up....like right now we're broken up...if i go fuck a girl right now i should be in the right...but if we get back together 3 months from now then suddenly im held accountable .... :atiavy:
im reading this again......and im still feeling like wtf :drakewhat: :atiavy:
some ***** from NY left a voicemail on my phone saying that they wanted to "clap dem cheeks y'know" :koolaid:
omowhiite said:
so she sent your number to an account...? or is that her account?
im guessing that she sent my number to the account. i dont know how. i dont see any other way that this random sex freak IG page would get my number "coincidentally" after we broke up
omowhiite said:
but did you let him hit?

more seriously that's weird as shit lol im sorry this all happened to you. are you playing innocent tho? or are her and her moms mental?
i admit that i kissed another girl 8 months ago (which would count as "cheating", but we barely kissed) ...me and my girl broke up last january due to...i dont even remember. i slept with the same girl i kissed in march/april. me and the girl got back together at the end of may/beginning of june.

i cut the girl off that i kissed/fucked in the past. she got petty and told my girl. my girl went ballistic. we tried to work it out. i apologized a hundred times. she forgave me a 100 times. at the 101th time that i had to apologize i gave up and broke up with her because i was tired of doing the same dance.

and now all this is happening.....because girls dont know how to handle rejection...
omowhiite said:
woah hold up. you gotta take responsibility for what you did. sure, they didn't have to do those things. But if you never would have kissed her none of this would happen. And there's no such thing as 'cheating' lol. come on bro
you kissed her.
meh. it was 8 months ago. we've had a million good memories since then. like that shit was legit in 2018. we got a hotel + hot tub and i gave her a $1000 just this last week. get tf over it.

she used to sigh and complain about buying me 2 mcdoubles (back when they were still a dollar). i just gave her A THOUSAND MCDOUBLES

Cosmic Warrior 😈 said:
do you think your ex knows her mom pulled this shit? or do you think they did it together? cause i don't know many moms who can do this level of internet
i dont think my ex knows what her mom said to me, and im not going to tell her. i dont like doing the "tit for tat" kind of thing. I'd rather just take the L and minimize the drama. but as of late i feel like ppl are taking advantage of the fact that i dont like going back n forth.

the girl from 8 months ago tried to play up everything we did. she said that we fucked 8 months ago (COMPLETE LIE) and that we were friends with benefits the last 8 months....if we were friends with benefits this whole time then she owes me 8 months of backpay pussy :sarc2:

we only fucked once :kanyeshrug:

but my girl(ex) believes the other girl over me...because...idk....goofy female shit.... but you know how it goes, who ever snitches first, thats the one everyone believes 🙄
ANIME.☀️ said:
OP shouldn’t even have put himself in a situation like this anyways. From what the mom seems to be, imagine the daughter.
the daughter is a sweetheart :allears: .....she just got a bit of a temper 🙄
Beautiful Morning ⛈ said:
Moral of the story is don’t kiss another girl when you in a relationship. It’s cheating whether you see it that way or not lol. All this could’ve been avoided if you wasn’t being a hoe.
I agree. I fucked up. It just sucks that all this happened after I started doing better in life. Like, it really sucks. I’ve been trying to be a better man overall.
I was a shitty person last year. My life was in shambles. Now I have focus. I have a healthier mindset. I don’t drink or smoke as much. I rarely do drugs. Me and her have been GREAT!!

Sucks that it was all thrown away because of some petty little girl that I barely did anything with 🙄.

Like my relationship is over because of some kisses from like 8 months ago. That’s wack to me 🙄
4K said:
just change your number man
It's slowed down a lot. Only like 12 calls / 14 texts today :)

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wordsa1ad said:
I still don’t understand why the mom was so mad
Cuz I cheated on her daughter 8 months ago. I’m 90% sure the daughter only tells her mom the good things she does and the bad things I do. So in her mom’s eyes her daughter is perfect.

Which is fine. Every mother should have their child’s back.
My thing is... me and this girl are both 26 years old. We’re adults!!! Don’t be giving my number out to your mom and strangers because you’re upset :cmon:
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