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Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager
Scott Mescudi vs the World: Awesome intro, Cee lo kills it and the sample from In my Dreams(Intro for MOTM I) is awesome. 9/10
REVOFEV: Have easily racked up 200+ plays pre-leak and still love this song, especially the drums at the end. 9/10
Don't Play this Song: Really really feelin this one right now, Mary J is good on it and the chorus is dope. 8/10
We Aite(Wake your Mind Up): I'm not really sure if this is considered to be a skit/interlude type thing but it's alright. It has the right feel to the album. 7/10
Marijuana: This is definitely the Hyyerr of the album, I like it a lot. Chorus is very catchy, good verse and great production. 8.5/10
Mojo So Dope: Definitely one of my favorites, the production and the sample are awesome, and after the second chorus when he is singing lightly but very darkly, gets me everytime. 9/10
Ashin' Kusher: HEADBANGER!! I love this song, one of the best songs production-wise. Don't know why but this has a AKNC feel to me. 10/10
Erase Me: Although I love this song, it has no place on this album. Just does not fit, this is the Make Her Say of the MOTM II. This low rating is only because it dosn't fit the sound of the album. 5/10
Wild'n Cuz I'm Young: I actually like the new verse he layed down, Kanye's was kinda wack. This song is pretty good. 7.5/10
The Mood: Took a couple listens but definitely feelin' this one. Love the production. 8/10
MANIAC: Top 3. The sample, Cudi's verse, Cage's verse = fire. 9/10.
Mr. Rager: IMO the glue that holds this album together, just the definitive anthem. 10/10
These Worries: Yet again, Mary J comes though. Cudi is great on this song. Solid track. 8/10
The End: Love the sample, the beat, GLC's verse is ehh. Chip and Cudi kill it. 8/10
All Along: Love this song, so heart-felt, so close to me. I know there's more than a few that can relate. 9/10
GHOST!: Had HUGE expectations for this joint, and it definitely delivered. Probably my favorite right now. 10/10
Trapped In My Mind: Love the production, good closer. 9/10.

This album has such a good vibe/feeling to it. Love how Cudi has matured as an artist. I know I will definitely be enjoying this for years to come.  :)
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