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I'd post some of my raps here but my girlfriend tells me that I suck. I think it's because I tried to rhyme "hyphenated" with "hymen, ate it", but who knows?

Anyway, I do run a couple of websites that I'd like to show you guys. I'm an aspiring writer (of horror novels, hopefully), but right now I run a humour website called "The Bubblegum Gang". It's all posts and images I've created, and it has a somewhat large following on Tumblr. You can check it out here:


Another website I've created just last week focuses on the hilarity of video paused at just the right moment. Unlike the above website, it encourages user submissions and celebrates the humanising effect such images have on celebrities. There are even a few Kanye photos up there. It's called "Freeze Frame Faces" and you can check it out here:


I hope you guys enjoy them!
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