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I figured I would showcase some of my wallpapers and other stuff.

Click the images to open them!

Kid Cudi Wallpaper.

Kid Cudi Wallpaper. OLD.

XV Wallpaper. My personal favorite.

Kanye West Wallpaper.

Just something for fun. NOT DONE YET.

a cover I made for Lost In The World.

I may add some stuff to this, but what do you guys think of my work?

Any advice?

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Luke said:
They're all pretty dope but I don't like the text on a lot of them, especially the Lost in the World cover.  Other than that, that cover is sick.
I will try getting some new fonts pretty soon!

and thanks to all the other compliments,

if there is something you don't like please say it, I like to know what everyone thinks regardless if it is good or bad!

ryan2611 said:

nice work duderino!
YEAH! :h5: DNC!

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Thanks 8th Wonder!

ryan2611 said:
DavidR check out abduzeedo's friday fonts. a lot of great fonts there.
Link me! I see one page but I am not sure if that is what you were talking about . Lol
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