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So its always been my dream to be a rapper but i lack motivation in everything so i havent actually gotten the courage to try till now (junior year in college) I wrote this verse today to see how i could fair. i wrote it to B.o.B's Bet I beat, this is more braggadocios rap but thats just because its my first verse. let me know how you like it

Bustin through the door, bust it on the floor
Bust it every day, still askin me for more
Fresh every inch from my head to my toes
and ya boy be shining when i walk up on your hoe
Bruce in this bitch, no use to pitch a fit
cause the dude finna spit, take a cruise in my whip, its
in the dirty lew where i sit, get a clue you a simp
get this fool out my vis-ion, run you dont wanna see me high
you gon cry when i smack you like a biatch
wont be long till these other rappers realize
I meant this, i'm in this, buzzin like a bee hive
Slow down boy, take a minute listen
the illest flow ever i'm here inventin
killen these bitches like OJ Simpson
the boy rollin deep all the cool cats with him
Now I'm doin big things, no T.I., recognize this king
Fly with no wings, riding round clean
I bust on the scene, don't sip no lean
but you know what i mean when i say i'm me
that mean im what these other rappers wanna be
rippin on dank, flippin these banks
don't be dissin my rank, ya ad-libbin it stank
now let me bust

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