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Like whoa man, I don't even feel like playing WTT like i was playing MDTF when it dropped.
Oh well its a shame, them ****** tried to be like Outkast n failed miserably, shit even Thats My bitch sounds like a Outkast track.
They shoulda got em on the album, but I guess they knew that Big Boi n 3stacks would have killllleddd both them ****** on the album.

Oh yeah R.E.D. is going to be neck to neck to MDTF or even a lil tad bit better. aka its better than WTT

and @ Jay Z, its time for him to hang it up,but right after his next studio album WHICH SHOULD BE HIS LAST! Go out with a bang ***** cuz WTT def fucked up his legacy up
All you old ass rappers trying to advance its all over now take it like a MAN​

He's in game too.
Jay-Z? Is that why are you soo afraid.
Westside the best side.
OVOXO, yo girl at my show(not j coles)

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Shuttaman said:
My ***** it felt like a Kanye featuring Jay Z album.
and its not better than MDTF
lol no. It seems like Jay and 'Ye had about the same input. Maybe Jay went over your head. I'd even say jay picked out the cover, for instance. Compare it to the "Decoded" cover.
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