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I dont actually know what to sayyyyyy soooooooo Fistful Of Sound reviewed us and heres what they said.


She-Devil is Small Kingdoms second project following The Perception of Perfection EP in November 2010. The album was released on August 6th and it is "pay what you want". I believe it should be called "pay what it deserves". Being recorded, produced and mixed mainly in someone's bedroom, it does not fall victim to the amateurish sound that most bedroom recording produces. The tracks are put together very well and Small Kingdoms have it figured. You can hear the diversity and depth with each song, drawing from different genres and layering and intertwining of multiple sounds and instruments. Pop rock with a punch of hip hop is too constrictive of a label. You can definitely hear some western and indie influences in their sound. Regardless, this album, by Small Kingdoms from Fort Wayne, is a must to check out. This town is producing a lot of great music! The song that stood out for me the most was "The Perception of Perfection", which was also the title of the their previous project.
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