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Music sxn writes the next viral song, word by word

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Checkmate, sweat out her perm on the first date
Rents late , pimp her on the corner til the fiends done ate
My shooters on guard
They in your backyard
CT said:
when it going viral
i got bricks of coke like a retard on a see-saw :sarc2:
cant go viral disrepects retards offensive
first verse:
My okdishard dick out now
In skirt view on iTunes right now
panda making a murder (part 1) sound cloud right now
Ok dis hard already dropped
(desiigner Adlib)
Necrophilia when it going viral
bitch my teeth black as diamonds i need a dentist
"Necrophilia when it going viral" sounds like a Lupe lyric tbh
my shooters hipsters they all pretentious
after that i fuck your bitch with my dentist
41 - 60 of 112 Posts
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