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Just saw this off a POV Commercial but i quote pharreall when he said "Hip Hop/Music Changes completely聽 changes every 5 years"

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? remember this is going off of radio聽 plays and the general public consensus

I think its true though , rewind to 2007 i remember that was the southern golden dance era with such dances such as soulija boy , Lean with it (rock wit it) , Its going down , etc it was the it thing for young rappers and stars to get there golden ticket

Rewind even further to 2002 i remember when everyone wanted to be thug and wore clothing 3x there sizes (we are all guilty) but its was popular you know? Back then In da club聽 was that banga with Get rich or die tryin droppin not soon after and Dipset along with Fat Joe holding new york on their backs

Controversial? voice your opinion
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