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Hey fam, only a few items left, would rather sell to the KTT fam than on eBay. Here's what I have left:

XXL Red Hoodie: (my size, so I'm only gonna sell to an offer I can't refuse, feel free to offer tho)

XL Red Hoodie (high offer 250)

XL Red Long Sleeve (high offer 260)

XL Red short Sleeve: high offer 125

XL Blue Hoodie: High offer 200

XL Blue Long Sleeve: High offer 125

XL Blue Short Sleeve: high offer 100

Red Hat: High offer 180

Thanks guys! Shoot me a text at 8608416280, easier to keep up with than PM. if you PM'd me and I didn't get back to you I'm sorry, just shoot a text! have pics of everything

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