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25: Curtis (apparently 700K people committed suicide on the week starting sep 10th 2007...im not saying it was this albums fault...but it fucking was this albums fault))

24: Street Disciple (ugghhhh)

23: Double Up (mmore like double ***, he doubled the *** from the last album..hahaha...good one Mozeley)

22. Port Of Miami (ricky couldnt rap at this point in his life...pots and pans? gtfo ricky)

21. all the shit snoop dogg albums


20. Vol 2 :)kanyeshrug:)

19. that second g unit album (when i first listened to this i was watching spongebob...i remember thinking something but i cant rememeber waht it was)

18. Purple Haze (he sampled girls wanna have fun that alone is enough to make this the worst album of all time also....fuck cam)

17. Thug World Order (HOME TAKE ME HOME)

16. Born Again (it had alot of new material but it could have been used better)

15. Trust Me (no trust me its fucking bad)

14. Street Dreams (corniest album of all time...just look at the album cover, it looks like he was purposely trying to look like the biggest wanker in the history of humankind...and guess what? he succeeded..pretty much the biggest achievement in fabs whole career)

13. Watch The Throne (this album is just getting in the way of kanye's career, if this piece of wank was never released kanye would most likely be releasing a solo album this year. sadly because shawn got in the way trying to stay relevant we will have to wait till next year for another solo album)

12. In My Mind (fucking hate that fucking pharrell. i remember when this was first released 'can i have it like that' NO you cant FUCK OFF PHARRELL)

11. Vol 3 (id do anythwing...anythwing..yes anythwing...for shawn to fuck off)

10. Strictly for My N.I.G.G.A.Z (didnt like the production on this...although keep ya head up is ma favourite pac song)

9. Goblin (i was listening to this on my musicalp3 player when i got mugged. i reported the mugging to the police who later found the body of the mugger under a train...im not saying he committied suicide because of the shit that is known as goblin BUT its a fucking coincidence rumor has it he got frustrated because he couldnt hear tylers voice over the shit production)

8. Rappa Turnt Sanga (this album reminds me of a potential rapist who decided to turn his wet dreams into a movie. sadly this potential rapist didnt have enough money to fund the movie so he made this album instead)

7. Ultimate Victory (before release of this album cham said he was gonna stop swearing. he kept to his word and did stop swearing but you know what else he done...got the fucking grimmiest mothafuckas as features on the album...there is no dirty version of this album so when your listening to 'rockstar' with dwaynes constant swearing you have to listen to the edited version. its seems to defeat the fucking purpose its like japanese porn, they do some of the dirtiest shit yet they still blur the minge out...HOW YOU GONNA FUCK A OCTAPUS WHILE SHITTING ON A BABY yet feel the need to edit the minge...i want the minge)

6. Lost and Found ('you at a club gurl why you arrive neked' because i want her to be naked william smith please just stay out of this)

5. The Biggie Duets (SMH)

4. Before I Self Deflop (self explanatory...probably the biggest commercial flop in the history of hip hop)

3. The Love Below (i actually tried to recreate this album using the screams that come from my brother when he has his nightly session of bare hand masturbation...it done pretty well went 10 times platinum tbh)

2. The Blueprint Vol 2 (i remember when i bought this i was 13 years old, the album was pretty big at the time so i though 'why not'. i got the album and went home to listen to it. luckily for me my uncle came in the room i was in and bent me over so he could brutally raped me..i say luckily because getting brutally raped by my pedophile uncle was SO MUCH more entertaining than listening to this piece of shit of an album)

^look at that ugly camel bastard

1. The Blueprint 3 (sadly i didnt actually buy this album on release date because if i did i would have got a special deal from hmv. as a special on release day my local hmv were giving away a free rope to anyone who purchased the blueprint 3. i assume they are looking out for your best interests. obviously the rope would be useful as a tool to commit sucide when you find out you have just paid money for the shittiest most camel infested album of all time...gotta repsect hmv for looking out for their customers tbh)
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