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Moxii Hub - Verastyle Mixtape

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(Added Usershare link and youtube videos)
Bump...this is good music...Why ****** always gotta nap..lol
I know right! People just need to give this a quick listen. It doesn't disappoint.
Ly.As.09 said:
Bump...this is good music...Why ****** always gotta nap..lol
Exactly...the longest song is two and half minutes long...are you guys really that busy that you can't take less than three minutes out of your life to listen to some quality music!?!?!?
I like this joint!! Good stuff!
Thanks for takin the time to listen guys.  He's gonna be droppin a full length mixtape sometime early next year with production comin from Dj m.E. so be on the look out for that....but in the mean time download VERSASTYLE.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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