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If you listen to the snippets, I think that there's a pretty obvious story.

In the first song Mescudi vs the World, we hear cudi rapping about going to Australia.
Then until Erase me, we hear about Cudi smoking weed and having a good time (so basically he is himself) - Marijuana song, We aite, revofev, ashin kusher etc.
After Erase me, Cudi goes dark - Wild'n (taking trips to Australia, do some blow and hope you make it through the show), Maniac, Mr Rager.
And after about These Worries, Cudi realises that he's been wildin out and doing coke too much, so he wants to escape from his mind and he hates what he has become (Ghost, Trapped in my Mind)

So the story is: Cudi goes to Australia as part of his worldwide tour. He falls in love with a bitch who breaks his heart, and then he resorts to doing coke and wildin out. Then he realises what he has become.

Pretty obvious story imo.
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