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When I listen to his music, I imagine characters and scenes close to these...
Just wanted to share.

"In My Dreams": The introduction and transportation into his dreams.

"Soundtrack 2 My Life": Story begins. On the moon.

"Simple As":Cudi's system

"Solo Dolo": Sailing to his destiny, alone

"Heart Of a Lion": Fighting his nightmares

"My World": The Prophecy

"Day n Nite": All day every day

"Sky Might Fall": Falling deep into freedom

"Enter Galactic": Psychedelics


"Cudi Zone": Flying through his mind

"Make her say": One of those dreams...

"Pursuit of Happiness": The final nightmare. He wakes up at the end, then passes out in peace...

"Hyyerr": Wakes up, for a new day

"Up Up & Away": Outro, and he gets ready to tackle another day & future
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