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when the album leaks (or whenever you listen) everyone post your reviews here track by track or overall or whatever you want. i did this on KL for motm and it actually came out pretty well. all reviews are added to this op

1. Scott Mescudi vs. The World - I expect something a little different for the intro to a "story", but a good song nonetheless. Great production and Cudi is actually audible so thats a good start for the first track. 8/10

2. REVOFEV - We've all heard it before. A good groove, a good second track but really kind of a filler IMO 6/10

3. Don't Play This Song - Alright. Mary didnt seem so necessary but the production is good. Oppurtunity for one of those really hard catchy choruses but it never really went anywhere crazy - 7/10

4. We Aite - Fav so far easily but way too short. It had that great cudi feel and zone to it. cant believe its not even two minutes - 9/10

5. Marijuana - Ok THIS is cudi. Such a classic in my book as far as cudder goes. That chorus is soooo good i wont get it out of my head no matter what. The female choir in the background too were so epic. This is my fav now 9.5/10

6. Mojo So Dope - The leak does the final thing no justice, especially on Beats studios. Another solid song this has been a great lineup. I love the beat and the rythm and the sample, just everything is cudi.  great - 8.5/10

7. Ashin Kusher - Just starting but the drums are crazy. Dear Gawd im in love with this song. So good another amazing chorus and really this is my fav so far I think, one of my fav cudi songs ever - 9.5/10

8. Erase Me - We've all heard it before. When this first came out I absolutely loved it but now idk its maybe my least favorite so far and i think it kinda breaks up the flow of the album. The song needs fuller production, its just too bland now after so many listens - 6.5/10

9. Wild'n Cus I'm Young - I wasn't a huge fan of the leak and this doesnt seem too much different. It's alright but his raps are weak again and the production is so minimal - 5.5/10

10. The Mood - When I hear this beat i picture it as the theme music for a bunch of cartoons run around. Ok we get it, another song about raging and its describing the situation pretty well actually. like "no one talks, lost in the mood". I can actually picture whats going on. The weird laughing samples are a very good addition and this song is mostly instrumental so far ever since Cudi's first verse. Enter Galactic of the album - 6.5/10

11. Maniac - I loved the leaked version so much. Why did he change it, this is so upsetting. Still a good song but it was great the old way. Ughh still cant get over him changing it for the worse. I guess I'll just listen to that but still a good haunting type song - 7.5/10 (Leaked version was 8.5 or 9)

12. Mr. Rager - Ive already played this song to death so the fact that i still like it is good. Just as good as ever imo. I wanna hear him play this live so badly. Oh shit the strings just hit, epicness. It sounds like the climax of the album - 8.5/10

13. These Worries - Oh. My. God. Love it. Especially the line about "while i hug sinners" and "lord let me in, youre my only friend". And this chorus, oh my god i cant even put in to words the connection with this song and how much i love it. - 10/10

14. The End -  About a month or two ago there was a beat contest on KLive and the sample that the guy chose for us to use was the same one. OMG I cant believe this this is crazy. Like I was literally trying to sample that exact part. Anyway, the song is pretty good. The chorus is alright and i like the Chip verse - 7/10

15. All Along - Yet again i love it. so good and soulful and awesome. In my top 3 i think so far. Another amazingly catchy chorus. Some of the raps were weak but nonetheless its just such and emotionally catching song - 9.5/10

16. Ghost - I cant believe people are hating on this song. Its great and i love the beat and the chorus so much. More decent-at-best rapping but great production and catchiness makes it work. And actually listening to these lyrics, theyre not bad, paint another picture. Him talking at the end over the keys is really good and eerie - 8/10

17. Trapped in my Mind - I was looking forward to this song soooo much after hearing it live but i actually dont like the album version that much. The chorus just sound really different and it doesnt flow as well. It coulda been one of my fav cudder songs but now its just good not amazing. ok its pretty good - 8.5/10
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