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1. Oh Fuck (Prod. DmacTooBangin)
2. Say Na ft. J Cole (Prod. DrumGod & Javar Rockamore)
3. They Madd (Prod. Tay Keith)
4. Chanel Junkie ft. Future (Prod. DrumGod & Javar Rockamore)
5. Midnight Patek (Prod. Fuse 808 Mafia & Loopholes)
6. In Her Voice (Prod. DrumGod)
7. Reset (Prod. Wheezy)
8. Lower Level ft. Kodak Black (Prod. Ben Billions)
9. Curry Jersey ft. YG (Prod. DrumGod)
10. Jungle (Prod. Fuse 808 Mafia)
11. Fall Down ft. Kevin Gates (prod. Rvssian)
12. Industry (Prod. DrumGod)
13. Okay ft. Future (Prod. DY & Tre Pounds)
14. Tryna Do ft. Jeremih (Prod. Hitmaka & Retro Future)
15. 7even (Prod. DrumGod & Loopholes)​
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assh0les97 said:
i fucked your broad okay :jordanok:
ActavisABabyBottle said:
Thug is on the Ok remix
came to say this
actually think moneybagg x cole could be good

moneybagg x jeremih sounds horrible tho
His rapping joints are nice so intrigued by the cole feature

Also OKAY is a really good single imo

Apparently, his J. Cole track, which is titled "Say Nah," came about through mutual fandom and a chance encounter at an L.A. recording studio.
"He was on tour, we was in L.A., and he told me he wasn't supposed to have even been at the studio to that day," Moneybagg tells XXL. "But his homeboy ended up calling him to the studio. So he get to the studio, I'm coming out the hallway, we bump into each other. So I'm like, 'Yo, I'm working on my first album. It'll be good to have you a part of it.' He like, 'Forreal, I'm a big fan.'"
From there, Moneybagg, who notes that Cole liked his feature on Lil Baby's Too Hard track, "All of a Sudden," told the Dreamville rapper he wanted him to come through after he was done with his studio session. "He walked right in [to the studio] in less than three minutes and [was] like, 'Yo, pull something up, what you got?'" Moneybagg explained. What happened next surprised the Yo Gotti affiliate.
"[Cole] was like, 'This a good song, they gon' rock with it,' but that ain't what I'm looking for," Moneybagg recalls. "I want to come to your world.' So I got the trap J. Cole [laughs]."
Keeping things southern, Moneybagg tapped Kodak for a track called "Lower Level."
Jumping into a smoother, R&B-tinged vibe, Moneybagg linked with Jeremih for a track produced by Hitmaka
Reset will check in at 15 tracks
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KeepItRiel said:

cover kinda trash
Poverty mixtapemonkey cover confirmed
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1. Oh F**k
2. Say Na (feat. J. Cole)
3. They Madd
4. Chanel Junkie (feat. Future)
5. Midnight Patek
6. In Her Voice
8. Lower Level (feat. Kodak Black)
9. Curry Jersey (feat. Future)
10. Jungle
11. Fall Down (feat. Rvssian and Kevin Gates)
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Those features are great for Moneybagg damn
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