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No Church In The Wild - 9
One of my favourite tracks. Frank Ocean kills the hook, the beat is gritty and Jay and Kanye both deliver solid verses.The-Dream's vocals are used pretty well and I just think the track is very well put together.

Lift Off - 6.5
Hmm. Beyonce's hook is great, very catchy, and the beat is epic. However, Kanye and Jay's verses are terrible tbh, and the song just feels like it's lacking something. The song, for me, never really does 'lift off' as the title suggests; it just feels like it's gearing up for a massive drop or something and then just calms down again without really going anywhere. Not a massive fan of the ending either.

****** In Paris - 7.5
A bit disappointed that the title holds no real relevance to the actual lyrics but hey. The beat is insanely foot-tap-inducing, and the verses are decent. For me, Jay edged it over Kanye.

Otis - 7.5
Wasn't really feeling this song at first but the beat imo is great, I love the intro especially. Some great bars from both Jay and Ye and they combine and swap rhymes well. The screaming irritates me slightly, but it's not too much of an issue.

Gotta Have It - 6
I have never been a fan of Neptunes production (bar Trouble On My Mind, I loved that beat) and this isn't any different for me, despite the clear departure from their signature sound. I don't really like the sample that beds the song, or the one that passes as the chorus. Maybe it will grow on me in time, but as of now it's one of my least favourite tracks.

New Day - 8
The mixing on this song is atrocious. The Nina Simone sample, which is used very well, overshadows the verses so at times it is difficult to hear what the rappers are rapping, which is a shame because the lyrics are excellent. The beat, however, is very good and the sampled chorus is catchy, although I would've preferred it without autotune.

That's My Bitch - 8
I loved the leaked version, so it's no surprise that I like this. However, the chorus and bridge have both been re-sung and for me they sound nowhere near as good. The verses are fire, both of them have great flow, and the beat is brilliant. But the seemingly random removal of the last 40 seconds of the leaked version and the new chorus/bridge have pushed this down from a 9 to an 8.

Welcome To The Jungle - 8
The beat is one of the best I've heard from Swizz, although his vocals on it are unnecessary and imo should've been done by Kanye. Some very good lyrics, although I wish Kanye had more.

Who Gon Stop me - 7
I detest most dubstep, and to me this seems like a forced attempt at making a club hit. They're better than this, they don't need to resort to making dance music. However, taking the song on it's own, it's pretty good, and it does go hard. It will be a club hit, and people will always go crazy when it comes on. For a Kanye or Jay-Z album though, this is so out of place and unwelcomed. For what it is though, I do enjoy it.

Murder To Excellence - 8 (Murder: 9, Excellence: 7.5)
'Murder' is the best Swizz production I have ever heard. The sample is great, and Ye's hook is one of the best on the album. Great verses too. 'Excellence' is, while still good, nowhere near the level of 'Murder'. The 'Excellence' sample just isn't as good, although the verses go some way to redeeming it.

Made In America - 6.5
This song is just too corny for me. I like it, but it sounds far too similar to Bad Meets Evil's Bruno collab 'Lighters'. While Frank Ocean's hook is good, the whole song just feels too cheesy.

Why I Love You - 7
Maybe if I hadn't heard the sample I would've enjoyed this more. It just feels like a remake of the original song with added rap verses, and to me, like Who Gon Stop Me, feels a bit forced. Jay's verses are very good, although I wish Kanye had had one.

Illest Motherfucker Alive - 9.5
Imo the best song on the album, I have no idea why it was relegated to deluxe bonus track status. The beat is incredible, and the vocal backing on the chorus gives me chills. Cudi's vocals take the song up to another level. I really can't find much wrong with this song.

HAM - 7.5
Never understood the amount of hate this received. The beat is immense, and Jay's verse is good, although Kanye's is very weak and ultimately brings the song down a bit. The bridge breakdown is spine-tingling, and I find it hard to think of a song that gets me more hyped than this.

Primetime - 8
I love the beat, I've always thought No ID was a great producer and this nothing but further cement his place as one. Again, not really sure why this was left out of the final tracklist, if this and Illest Alive were swapped with Who Gon Stop Me and Why I Love You, the album would've been far more cohesive.

The Joy - 6
Never liked this much. The grunts annoy me and I just find the song boring, despite some great verses. The outro is also unnecessarily long imo.

Overall - 8
There are some fantastic songs on this album, but also some alright ones. I feel it lacks the cohesiveness required to truly be a classic album, and also the consistency of quality of song. For the most part the album is very good, although it's no MBDTF.

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lol okay I'll post a goofy little review I did somewhere else on the site at 5am last night.. its long so bear with me.. and it was directed at someone so if it reads that way, you know why.

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Eighth said:
lol okay I'll post a goofy little review I did somewhere else on the site at 5am last night.. its long so bear with me.. and it was directed at someone so if it reads that way, you know why.
Eighth said:
No I actually completely disagree with it sucking.. I definitely think there are flaws but its definitely an above average album.    you prob wont read all this :work:  sorry for any typos btw I'm typing as fast as I can so I can go to sleep...its almost 5 am :facepalm2:

At the start, I was set that the album was about to SUCK.. the first two tracks were just...bad.  Frank Ocean totally ruined the start of the album. He needs to give up on doing hooks because he never executes them properly...then Lift Off comes and I'm just about ready to lose faith....because it was the worst track...even over H.A.M....like it literally is terrible.. Worst Kanye song ever???? :dno:  a thought

Now ****** in Paris roles around and okay okay, its trying to make a climb.. Its fun and the actual vibe..OH LAWD...

Then Otis comes... Good solid back and forth track.. almost brings back Brooklyn's Finest memories, but more futuristic, not as grimy (obviously cuz Biggie was on BF lol)  Album now is 2 for 4 on good tracks..

Gotta Have It... Dont even lie the transition from the screams on Otis and the beat on GHI is actually toooo good... another back and forth that just fits REALLY well.. Man Jay and Ye actually execute the back and forth better than I would have expected....WHATCHA NEED!! :dno: lol we're now 3 for 5 and we're taking the turn..

New Day drops and I just sit there with my eyes closed (mainly cuz its fucking 3 am LOL) and the tracks emotions literally get to your gut.. This is in the top tier of the album. Now, at the same time, this is where I was wondering about the direction the album was taking..concept wise.

So a break from the tracks and lets discuss that.. This is a collaboration album, people might be fogetting that..its not a track with a feature on everyone. This isn't a solo conceptual album.. Here we have two incredibly talented artist.. you could even argue Jay-Z is the greatest of all time (not that I'm saying that, but its definitely arguable with is history) So what we have here is almost a reflectual album.. Good music is good music. I sat and watched on twitter how people were complaining about how is was a "rich rappers" album. Yeah, there was definitely that vibe.. but if that was the concept..god damn they executed perfectly.. Just really need to realize that this isn't a Kanye album featuring Jay-Z.

Now Thats My Bitch.. lower tier of the album.. Beat is boring and its a bit basic as a song in general.. Yeah, its fun and you can blast the fuck out of this with friends in the whip, but nothing else..  Average.. "I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR A LONG LONG TIME......" saves the song though...

Welcome to the Jungle.. haha how can you not have fun while listening to this shit.. Even swizz was cool on the beginning... and I FUCKING HATE Swizz Beats..

Who Gon Stop me is probably the dark horse on this album.. I even overlooked it in my first listen.. I was just like "wtf is this"  Second time I listened I have a blast listening to this..

Now it was this point in the album where I realized... wow, transitioning in this album is executed almost to perfect.. almost because any song lining up next to Lift Off is going to sound terrible, that sounds is just so bad..

NOW OMG.. MURDER TO EXCELLENCE... Top song on the album.. No doubt. Wow, beat dropped and I knew I was bout to hear something great.. Kanye singing is even nice.. But forget that...the song just flows from top to bottom..  that switch up D: D:  So cool and execution is so nice..

Made in America.. MEH TO THE MAX.. another Frank Ocean debuncle. just stop doing hooks please. Execution just isnt there at all and he just sounds out of place.  Overall the song just doesn't flow the way it should and it feels strange at time.. average at best if FO wasn't on the track..

Why I Love You is a good song. Nothing special but tbh, there is major replay value. Mr. Hudson does his thing I suppose {never liked him >_> } Still a cool track.

IMFA... well, does everyone have that 3 minute break LOL?? Very strange but whatever..once the song hits the beat is very enthralling.. So fucking grimy Jay is the best on dark grimy beats.. thats why BP3 didn't have the success he had in the past.. way to much pop. Kanye gets a bit weird on this song tho and its a bit strange haha..

H.A.M. :we:  I don't even know what to say lol... Its better than Lift Off, thats all... WATCH THE THRONE DROPS..*****'S KILL THEMSELVES :datass: :dno: lol

PrimeTime D: D: D: Song is TOOO DOPE.. wow another dope production.. B B B BABY..Jay goes in once again.. Such a cool song.. no one can dislike this song...

THE JOY...FINALLY WE'VE MADE IT TO THE JOY.... YESSS... WOW I LOVE THIS SONG...DON'T WE ALL??? WOOOOO.  Its just....beautiful.. We've had it for long enough to know that though..

Now, song by song, this album is just....its just a good album. Theres no doubt.. Is it better thatn MBDTF?? NO LR?? NO..  CD?? maybe equal, and I'm just being honest. No doubt in my mind this album is better than Grad and 808's..not even one doubt.

Production was AWESOME.. This is going to blow roofs off arena's once the shows start. the energy level in each song is intense like you wouldn't believe.  Always expect HIGH energy from Ye' and Jay... thats a given.

Lyrics...overlooked.  There are song where lyrically Jay and Ye go back and forth for the crown and some deep thinking can be done.. Now its goes both ways cuz some songs were BASIC AS FUCK lyrically..

Obviously you're not listening to an Eighth track :fly: where you've got a lot of multi syllable ratio's packed within bars, advanced wordplay and etc etc.. :stronger:   
But lyrically there are songs here that are very nice.. Kanye's best lyrics still reside in MBDTF and the whole Good Friday era, so its still within him.

overall, its an enjoyable and fun album.. Its 100% as the the whole vibe.. I don't need a MBDTF concept to enjoy an album.. I need a collection of damn good songs and I got that from 2 of my favorite rappers.. Frank Ocean still pisses me off tho >_>

anyways, You probably didn't even read all tho soooooo...i'm gonna go to sleep
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