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MLB World Series Thread (Giants Won!)

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[size=20pt]2010 MLB World Series

2010 NL Champs San Francisco Giants Vs. 2010 AL Champs Texas Rangers

Game 1: Wednesday, October 27 Texas at San Francisco Fox 7:30 PM

Game 2: Thursday, October 28 Texas at San Francisco Fox 7:30 PM

Game 3: Saturday, October 30 San Francisco at Texas Fox 6:30 PM

Game 4: Sunday, October 31 San Francisco at Texas Fox 8:00 PM

Game 5: Monday, November 1 San Francisco at Texas Fox 7:30 PM*

Game 6: Wednesday, November 3 Texas at San Francisco Fox 7:30 PM*

Game 7: Thursday, November 4 Texas at San Francisco Fox 7:30 PM*

* = If Necessary​
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Braves disappointing tbh.  No offense to speak of.
I still can't believe that happened.  The Giants just won the World Series.  WTF.
TheNiq said:
lol we dont riot or fuck shit up like other cities...we just embrace the win together

btw: parade is on wednesday!
ESPN showed them dancing on police cars. lol.
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Let me know when people are jumping to watch the World Series over a NFL regular season game.

It rarely occurs.
DIAZ said:
y u mad tho?
I'm not.

Just saying in terms of championship games/series, the World Series has become irrelevant in the realm of sports' finales.
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Benson said:
still a championship nonetheless
Of course it is.  I was referring to the comparison people were making on the previous page.
JETS. said:
because he doesn't have a team in Vegas.
I don't even want a baseball team here.  Marlins?  No thank you.

The 51s should improve their stadium though.  Being the Blue Rays AAA affiliate is not good.
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1 - 9 of 1918 Posts
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