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MLB World Series Thread (Giants Won!)

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[size=20pt]2010 MLB World Series

2010 NL Champs San Francisco Giants Vs. 2010 AL Champs Texas Rangers

Game 1: Wednesday, October 27 Texas at San Francisco Fox 7:30 PM

Game 2: Thursday, October 28 Texas at San Francisco Fox 7:30 PM

Game 3: Saturday, October 30 San Francisco at Texas Fox 6:30 PM

Game 4: Sunday, October 31 San Francisco at Texas Fox 8:00 PM

Game 5: Monday, November 1 San Francisco at Texas Fox 7:30 PM*

Game 6: Wednesday, November 3 Texas at San Francisco Fox 7:30 PM*

Game 7: Thursday, November 4 Texas at San Francisco Fox 7:30 PM*

* = If Necessary​
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yeezyy said:
cant wait for the yanks to finish off the sweep  :work:
Cream Cheese Sabathia better watch himself against the Rangers.  He's looking more like his 07 and 08 playoff forms.
Lake said:
Cream Cheese Fatassia is what I am gonna call him loob

I hate that fat bastard.
Lake said:
Motherfucker trying to get that Eric Gagne swag with the pajama pants he wears smh
Billy Wagner just got hurt.  Now the Braves have to bring in that nutjob Kyle Farnsworth.  That dude is batshit crazy.
Lake said:
Prince must have turned him onto them while he was in Wisconsin
That, and copious amounts of cheddar and Miller High Life.
Nice job by the Rays to take 2 on the road.  Now it comes down to David Price v. Cliff Lee in game 5.  Should be a dandy.
8th Wonder said:

There is only 5 games in the Divisional rounds.
8th Wonder said:

There is only 5 games in the Divisional rounds.
8th Wonder said:

There is only 5 games in the Divisional rounds.
Wow.  I can't believe I just agreed with Cav on something.
Three years ago, as the Indians were vying for a championship, Cliff Lee was pitching in Double-A while Cream Cheese Sabathia and Fausto Carmona were both Cy Young caliber pitchers.  FML.
Lake said:
Imagine if Cleveland still had Sabathia AND still had Cliff Lee :wom:
Lake said:
Fuck Cliff Lee if he goes to the Yankees

I doubt it though
Totally agree.  Cliff Lee is a pretty down to earth guy and I think Texas is the perfect environment for him.  With the new ownership there, hopefully they'll pony up and keep him there.
Escobar21 said:
^^^and if carmona was still dominant
Don't remind me :facepalm:
Cliff Lee has been the best pitcher in baseball the last 2 years.  Don't give me Roy Halladay; he didn't pitch in the postseason last year.
Just read on Twitter that Buster Olney thinks the Yankees will offer Cliff Lee a 5 year, $115 million deal in the offseason.
Cream Cheese is looking like he did in 2007.  Bailed out the first couple games he pitches, but looks like ass.  I know how this story ends, and it ain't pretty for the Fat Man.
Cliff Lee is freaking incredible.  I wish he was still an Indian :(
8th Wonder said:
wasn't he apart of the 03 Marlins team?? 

or not, I dont remember
On the roster but didn't play because of TJ surgery.
Lake said:
That was probably too much of a cheap shot.  Honestly, I have no room to talk haha.
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