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MLB World Series Thread (Giants Won!)

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[size=20pt]2010 MLB World Series

2010 NL Champs San Francisco Giants Vs. 2010 AL Champs Texas Rangers

Game 1: Wednesday, October 27 Texas at San Francisco Fox 7:30 PM

Game 2: Thursday, October 28 Texas at San Francisco Fox 7:30 PM

Game 3: Saturday, October 30 San Francisco at Texas Fox 6:30 PM

Game 4: Sunday, October 31 San Francisco at Texas Fox 8:00 PM

Game 5: Monday, November 1 San Francisco at Texas Fox 7:30 PM*

Game 6: Wednesday, November 3 Texas at San Francisco Fox 7:30 PM*

Game 7: Thursday, November 4 Texas at San Francisco Fox 7:30 PM*

* = If Necessary​
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cant wait for the yanks to finish off the sweep  :work:
so where are all the people that said are pitching sucked
saved the best start for last
AkA said:
This should make yo happy Cav



Have to wear that for 1 week straight and had to buy it with my own money
why what was the bet you lost?
twins win the series?
JETS. said:
you wont have to worry about that bro, guarenteed
Giants got this.
giants stand no chance against the phillies

yanks - phillies world series again
yanks in 6
Benson said:
what were you saying?
i say it again SF Giants suck
i can just sit back and relax till friday
only team to advance so far :work:
the rays helped us out because even if texas wins tuesday they wont start Cliff Lee in Game 1 on 2 day rest
giants stand no chance against the phillies
HA5TY said:
what the hell makes you think i was 3? smh
I was 12 years old in 1995.
so what are you doing at age 27 on a kanye forum? lol
HA5TY said:
I will enjoy the offseason hanging out with girls like this:

while you will be stuck in New Jersey with girls looking like this:

you will prolly be hanging out in your parents basement lol
So is Cliff Lee gonna pitch Game 2 on 3 day rest or Game 3 on full rest?
Escobar21 said:
just think, the Yankees paid AJ 80 mil to suck ass. Btw congrats Texas
he helped get a ring last year :work:
Yanks will handle Texas
the only pitcher we are worried about is Lee
HA5TY said:
I'm not 27
26? or are you just fucking retarded and don't know how to tell old you were in 95?
Lake said:
Probably game 2

Texas already has a free win if Burnett starts a game during the series
he won't

1 - 20 of 1918 Posts
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