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MLB World Series Thread (Giants Won!)

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[size=20pt]2010 MLB World Series

2010 NL Champs San Francisco Giants Vs. 2010 AL Champs Texas Rangers

Game 1: Wednesday, October 27 Texas at San Francisco Fox 7:30 PM

Game 2: Thursday, October 28 Texas at San Francisco Fox 7:30 PM

Game 3: Saturday, October 30 San Francisco at Texas Fox 6:30 PM

Game 4: Sunday, October 31 San Francisco at Texas Fox 8:00 PM

Game 5: Monday, November 1 San Francisco at Texas Fox 7:30 PM*

Game 6: Wednesday, November 3 Texas at San Francisco Fox 7:30 PM*

Game 7: Thursday, November 4 Texas at San Francisco Fox 7:30 PM*

* = If Necessary​
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frenchguy said:
Naw Braves all the way, can't stand "Swing-At-All Sandoval"
yea they did great last night
Lake said:
Phillies somewhat solved The Cuban Missile Crisis tonight
pretty much
Braves pissing me off
Giants pitching >>>
Homeboy said:
where were all these braves fans two days ago?
seriously, Timmy showed them how to pitch
Sanchez got a no-hitter going. i think i jinxed it tho  :iunno:
OUT OF ANYBODY IN THE LINEUP, the first hit given up is by the pitcher :facepalm:
TheNiq said:
heyward sit the funk down
rookie of the year LOL

Posey is 5 for 10...Heyward is 0 for 11
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yeezyy said:
SF Giants suck
no, Bochy is a dumbfuck. He pulled Cain because he gave up a hit and we lost. He pulls Sanchez, who threw a gem, just because he gave up a hit. Lincecum stayed in the game and we won, Bochy is a terrible manager and doesn't know when pitchers should leave. yea he had 105 pitches, but you need to leave him in, the Braves were garbage against him all day
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THANK YOU BROOKS CONRAD, 3 errors in one game!!!! fuck off!!!!
yeezyy said:
for a third time SF Giants suck
just beat the best home team in baseball coming from behind :work:
I think Eric Hinske owes Brooks Conrad a punch in the face.
8th Wonder said:
op updated
change the series scores (Giants up 2-1, Rays/Rangers 2-2, Yankees win 3-0)
What do Michael Jackson and Brooks Conrad have in common? Both wear a glove for no apparent reason.

yeezyy said:
yankees stand no chance against the giants
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