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So as everyone probably already knew, the old site really doesn't have much life left. I can't really talk publicly about everything, but basically I want there to be a fast + modern replacement before it dies

I started working on KTT2 in June. I really didn't expect to drop before JIK but here we are

current features include...

dark mode
live replies (and live everything else)
easy embedding (check the embedding thread in help sxn)
custom artists on home page
We'll probably have a bunch of crashes/bugs/other issues in the first week but I'll be here 18+ hours a day working on it

KTT2 was built from scratch to be super fast and stable (so no more crashing every time someone drops an album). And because we're not limited by some ready made forum system there's so much cool shit we'll be able to do

Follow the what's coming thread for more info and to give suggestions

You can also follow @鈥婳fficialKTT2 on Twitter


if you haven't made an account already, please make one as we will be transitioning from this site to KTT2
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