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Michael Jackson - 22/11/10 - Vision

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Michael Jackson's Vision' DVD Boxed Set Available Everywhere Monday November 22

In collaboration with the Estate of Michael Jackson, Epic/Legacy Recordings is releasing Michael Jackson's Vision on November 22, making available for the first time ever the entire library of short films produced by Michael Jackson during his career as a solo artist.
Packaged as a deluxe boxed set, Michael Jackson's Vision contains more than four-and-one-half hours of content across three DVDs, capturing the entire spectrum of Michael’s pioneering short films that transformed the entertainment industry with timeless, pop culture classics that today’s youth embrace with as much passion as their parents did a generation earlier.

Michael Jackson's Vision brings together more than 40 videos, ten of them previously unavailable on DVD and each presented in newly restored color and remastered audio. And this release marks the debut of the short film for the R. Kelly-penned "One More Chance."

The simultaneous emergence of MTV as a television force and Michael Jackson’s breakout as a global superstar provided the most epochal musical/cultural shift since the Beatles. Seizing the potential of MTV's 24-hour reach, Michael Jackson produced and starred in a series of what would become iconic short musical films that redefined and established the perimeters, and parameters, of an entire new medium.

Jackson's short-form zombie dance party masterpiece, "Thriller," famously directed by John Landis, remains a cultural phenomenon. It recently became the first (and only) music video to be inducted by the Library of Congress into the National Film Registry, an elite collection of only a few hundred films.

Michael Jackson's Vision includes the full-length versions of the John Landis-directed "Thriller" and “Black or White” as well as the classic “Bad” directed by Academy Award ®-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese. Also included in the boxed set are Michael’s collaborations with such other noted film directors as John Singleton, Spike Lee and David Fincher as well as “Ghosts,” his rarely-seen collaboration with special effects legend Stan Winston.

Michael Jackson's Vision will be available in a limited edition deluxe boxed set featuring a 60-page glossy hard-bound book that includes behind-the-scenes photos from Michael's personal archives.
The state-of-the-art packaging includes cover art using lenticular virtual imaging technology to vividly represent memorable scenes from Michael Jackson's signature short films.

Michael Jackson's Vision


1 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough 4:12:00
Director: Nick Saxton
2 Rock With You 3:22:00
Director: Bruce Gowers
3 She's Out of My Life 3:35:00
Director: Bruce Gowers
4 Billie Jean 4:54:00
Director: Steve Barron
5 Beat It 4:57:00
Director: Bob Giraldi
6 Thriller 13:42:00
Director: John Landis
7 Bad 18:05:00
Director: Martin Scorsese
8 The Way You Make Me Feel 9:24:00
Director: Joe Pytka
9 Man In the Mirror 5:03:00
Director: Don Wilson
10 Dirty Diana 5:05:00
Director: Joe Pytka
11 Smooth Criminal 9:27:00
Director: Colin Chilvers
12 Another Part of Me 4:45:00
Director: Patrick T. Kelly
13 Speed Demon 10:08:00
Director: Will Vinton
14 Come Together 5:40:00
Director: Jerry Kramer & Colin Chilvers
15 Leave Me Alone 4:36:00
Director: Jim Blashfield and Paul Diener
16 Liberian Girl 5:34:00
Director: Jim Yukich
Total Disc 1 112:29:00 (01:52:29)


1 Black or White 11:01:00
Director: John Landis
2 Remember The Time 9:16:00
Director: John Singleton
3 In the Closet 6:05:00
Director: Herb Ritts
4 Jam 7:59:00
Director: David Nelson
5 Heal The World 7:32:00
Director: Joe Pytka
6 Give In To Me 5:29:00
Director: Andy Morahan
7 Who Is It 6:34:00
Director: David Fincher
8 Will You Be There 5:55:00
Director: Vincent Paterson
9 Gone Too Soon 3:38:00
Director: Bill DiCicco
10 Scream 4:47:00
Director: Mark Romanek
Janet Jackson appears courtesy of Virgin Records
11 Childhood 4:29:00
Director: Nicholas Brandt
12 You Are Not Alone 5:34:00
Director: Wayne Isham
13 Earth Song 6:44:00
Director: Nicholas Brandt
14 They Don't Care About Us 7:08:00
Director: Spike Lee
15 Stranger In Moskow 5:33:00
Director: Nicholas Brandt
16 Blood On The Dancefloor 5:27:00
Director: Michael Jackson & Vincent Patterson
17 Ghosts 3:58:00
Director: Stan Winston
18 You Rock My World 13:30:00
Director: Paul Hunter
19 Cry 4:57:00
Director: Nick Brandt
Total Disc 2 125:36:00 (2:05:36)

DISC 3 (Bonus Features)

1 Blame It On the Boogie - The Jacksons 3:32:00
2 Enjoy Yourself - The Jacksons 3:31:00
3 Can You Feel It - The Jacksons 9:37:00
4 Say Say Say - Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson 4:57:00
Director: Bob Giraldi
5 They Don't Care About Us - Prison version 4:52:00
Director: Spike Lee
6 Why? - 3T featuring Michael Jackson 4:33:00
7 One More Chance - previously unreleased 4:03:00
Total Disc 3 35:05:00
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