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Mic Galper Chris Webby diss :O

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wouldnt be posting this if it was wack or anythinglol

grew up with this kid playing hockey my whole life..now hes onto bigger things rapping. dope ass kid..he just posted this diss track haha its pretty funny.. dont know if anyone is familiar with chris webby. My boy mic and him came up together in this so called rap game..for whatever reason they are now at eachother throats and it should be interesting to see a response.

these are his tapes http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-search.php?criteria=mic+galper&x=0&y=0

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Lol wtf. I listen to Webby alot. They did a lot of songs together and shit. Wonder why hes dissing him. Webby > Galpher though.
no idea really bout to find outtho. webby isnt wack but idk i think mic is a better rapper..im obvs guna say that cuz hes my boy and shit tholol
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