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Mia X Recalls Inspiration Behind Master P's "Make 'Em Say Uhh!"

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Mia X also reveals that her cookbook, "Things My Grandma Showed Me, Things My Grandma Told Me," is due Summer.

As a member of the No Limit Records family, Mia X says she played an important role in one of the imprint's most successful hits, Master P's "Make 'Em Say Uhh!"

"Percy used to say 'Uhh!' all the time," Mia X says during a Ladies First interview with Billboard. "I started noticing when we'd do shows for 20,000-25,000 people that the'd say it also. We were in the studio once, and I brought up how a few comedians were turning 'Uhh' as if it was a noise when taking a crap. I said, 'Before they run with this like a gimmick we have to flip it.' I started singing, 'Uhh! Na-nah na-nah!' I told them we have to do that again and hit them with another soldier beat. KLC then started working the beat and the drums. In order to get him him excited to do the soldier beats I'd make him chicken and Jambalaya. As he was making this crazy drum pattern, Percy walked in and I started telling him about my idea. His faced scrunched up and he started jumping up and down, rapping, '*****, I'm the colonel of the mothafuckin' tank.' To this day, when it comes on in the club, I get butterflies."

"Make 'Em Say Uhh!" was a successful radio single and its music video was also popular on different television networks at the time, including BET and MTV.

"The video was crazy," Mia X says of the clip, which is below. "We had Shaq up in there. They put Mystikal on top of the basketball pole. They put me in the locker room. We were doing too much. They had me in the Jordan XIII - two months before they came out - with the matching jogging suit. All the guys were losing their mind over my outfit. The energy on the set mad the song crazier. Sometimes I look back at videos and laugh at us because of how we were dressed. We used to be all in suits. [Laughs] All we thought was how we didn't want our mamas and dads to be mad. We wanted to be presentable. It had a lot to do with our families and children and how they'd perceive us."

Mia X is still prepping her cookbook Things My Grandma Showed Me, Things My Grandma Told Me, which she says is due this Summer.

In 2010, Mia X spoke about this book and about having a restaurant in New Orleans called True Friends. "Fiend was the first to visit [True Friends], and he is a regular customer," Mia X said at the time. "Many of my music peers have supported me though, and I am grateful."

Mia X was interviewed recently by Billboard as part of the publication's Ladies First: 31 Female Rappers Who Changed Hip-Hop article. Yo Yo, MC Lyte, Gangsta Boo, Ms. Jade, Angel Haze and Charli Baltimore have also been included in the series.

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