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Listen and draw your own conclusions. Esp. round 2:44 ish.

edit: the song's by this dude who now goes by kuedo. he's cool and you should buy his music http://www.planet.mu/discography/ZIQ309
edit2: the synths in this track are explicitly informed by vangelus's synths on the blade runner soundtrack. which may be where lifted got the synth. but the exact sound is so similar...

edit 3: lol i asked kuedo if it was a sample and he said no. never mind.

edit 4: Maybe scarface?!?

edit 5: confirmed by lifted to be scarface http://bootlegkev.com/2012/04/exclusive-g-o-o-d-musics-lifted-exclusive-interview-w-bootleg-kev/
1 - 20 of 47 Posts
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