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Mercy is Perfect because...

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Every artists brings a different sound or style to this one song. Nobody flows the same or Raps about the same shit, they each bring a big piece to the puzzle.

Big Sean: He brings that Big Sean swag, those creatively ignorant rhymes that just bump. Makes it catchy in his own way.
Pusha-T: Brings the street sound, those Cocaine rhymes, that hard shit. He just goes off like we expect out of Pusha.
Kanye: That Pop sense to the song, that club sound, a nice interlude in the middle of the track.
2 Chainz: Nice lyrics with that Southern swag and that fresh ass hook.

Props to G.O.O.D.
This shit bumps.

Ye said:
It's got that ghetto excellence to it.
Dorito said:
Hell yeah. Shit bumps so hard in da whip. And dat swerve :datass:
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Its not perfect but i fvck with it
How many of yall ****** really be drunk and high at the same time though :smug:
i believe you bruv :h5:
shroom said:
more often than not tbh
im sure he's talking bout smoking though but you never know :seanshrug:
Brine said:
He's high cause he's on a plane, he's just drunk on a plane, like a lot of adults.
Though it could be double entendre :eek:
he could mean that he is on the plane drunk and high :kanyeshrug:
Brine said:
well in the next line he clarifies it
"drinking champagne on the damn plane"
Why dont you quote me hoe :fly:
Deweze said:
Silver are you dumb bro
I seen that but still they could be wrong but i agree it could mean that
Brine said:
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