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Mega Millions Lottery

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It's at $500 Mil now, yall gonna buy a ticket? :work:

I never usually fuck with the lottery, but I think it'd be pretty dope to be richer than Jay :seanshrug:

Winning Numbers: 2 4 23 38 46  Mega: 23
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Kev said:
you don't pick your combinations or numbers....

You can either pick them yourself or do a quick pick
Derz said:
Looks fake as fuck, and that's the only website I see reporting it :fly:
Well that guy could have been one of the people who won 250 k :dno:

Does that mean the big jackpot is still up for grabs??

Derz said:
No, 3 people did win it haha
Im gonna keep playing for the next couple weeks. I think they do drawings on tuesdays too :popcorn:
21 - 24 of 483 Posts
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