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Mega Millions Lottery

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It's at $500 Mil now, yall gonna buy a ticket? :work:

I never usually fuck with the lottery, but I think it'd be pretty dope to be richer than Jay :seanshrug:

Winning Numbers: 2 4 23 38 46  Mega: 23
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i bought 10...if i win i'm buying this website.
amen said:
throw me a grand when you win?
sure, a stack isn't shit when you've got like 300 mil
amen said:
what about a new car? an 07 ford focus gets no pussy
maybe if you're a Taylor Swift fan, if not fuck no.
Derz said:
You can finally meet Taylor too D:
That's happening soon regardless of winning the lottery or not.
amen said:
I love Taylor Swift :allears:
you get a fucking car.
i'm buying 100 tickets at least.
if i win, first 3 people to quote get 10 stacks
if it's true, fuck it, i'm buying 1,000 dollars worth of tickets.
no lie, 10 stacks to you if i win
i'm also buying cash money records if i win
amen said:
you already promised me a car
with a billi, that shit is like pennies
fuuuuuuuuuck some hoodrat in baltimore won
1 - 12 of 483 Posts
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