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Mega Millions Lottery

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It's at $500 Mil now, yall gonna buy a ticket? :work:

I never usually fuck with the lottery, but I think it'd be pretty dope to be richer than Jay :seanshrug:

Winning Numbers: 2 4 23 38 46  Mega: 23
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Masked Mamba said:
Derz ill go 50/50 with you.

theyre $1 each
I already got 3 :datass:

I'll throw you a stack if I win :twisted:
Masked Mamba said:
Its Fridays or Tuesdays?
I bought them today, so it's for Friday :work:

J3FFR3Y said:
what up doe?
I got you too :datass:
amen said:
throw me a grand when you win?
I'll throw you 5K cause I'll be living YOLO as fuck :slick:

No more requests doe
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I Heart T Swift said:
i bought 10...if i win i'm buying this website.
You can finally meet Taylor too D:
I Heart T Swift said:
That's happening soon regardless of winning the lottery or not.
always Late said:
watch no one win.. and this shit jump up to 600 mill

More like 800 Mill tbh. So many people are buying tickets for this drawing :omg:
Kettle said:
went up to 540 MILL.
Spent 50$ do far.. might spend anther 20$ tomorrow
Damn, I'd feel like shit if I spent that much and lost :ohno:
I would get a little paranoid if I won a lottery like this lol
That's why you buy the type of security famous rich people like Bill Gates & Warren Buffet have :dno:
SooFarGone said:
If no one wins this time, it drops to 40 million and all the money gets split between the states.  Idk if thats totally true but its what i heard, fucking stupid though. 

But with the amount of tickets sold, someone is gonna win and probably more than 1 person

P.S. Im winning it :)
That'd be fucking stupid :mad:
Stan Smith said:
Put them lottery tickets just to tease us. :kanyeshrug:
That's what I thought when I bought the tickets :okay:
Sloop said:
I'm not too good with lottery but what if someone won but lost the ticket?
bigj713281 said:
Don't know if I should go out with my friends tonight or play the lotto
You can actually do both :sage:
Inb4everybodytrollssayingtheywon :work:
Joshua said:
did anyone write the numbers down? i need em
Derz said:
Winning Numbers: 46 23 38 4 2  Mega: 23
ELI said:
Josh Cloud ‏ @JoshCloud  Reply  Retweet  Favorite · Open
Lotto jackpot = $640 Million. Population of the U.S. = 300 Million. Lets just give everyone 2.13 Million and call it a day! #lottoFrenzy
lol it would only be 2 dollars per person, not 2 million dollars per person :joe:

They just confirmed no one won!  That means it will be close to a BILLION on Tuesday :bye:
What are the fucking odds of NO ONE winning? shittttt....
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