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Mega Millions Lottery

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It's at $500 Mil now, yall gonna buy a ticket? :work:

I never usually fuck with the lottery, but I think it'd be pretty dope to be richer than Jay :seanshrug:

Winning Numbers: 2 4 23 38 46  Mega: 23
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Derz ill go 50/50 with you.

theyre $1 each
Derz said:
I already got 3 :datass:

I'll throw you a stack if I win :twisted:
Its Fridays or Tuesdays?
Derz said:
I bought them today, so it's for Friday :work:

I got you too :datass:
imma hit up 7-11 in a poor neighborhood (cause its rigged n stuff) and get a slurpee
Going to get my ticket now
Ye24 said:
You only naked once?
You only need one

qtd derz

I bought three
ImaginaryD said:
The $500 milllion turns to $200 million after taxes. Haven't played but I'll probably buy a ticket later.
$200 still..... :cmon:

It would be what ^^^^^^^^ said too. Definitely more than 200 mil
So how many numbers do you have to get to get any money??
Rodri said:
it explains on the website, if you match 1 and the powerball you get like 10, if you match 2 and the powerball you get like 500, if you match 3 and the powerball you get like 10,000 .. and 5 without powerball 250,000 ...
Ill be fine matching only 2 :slick:
I'd give a lot of it away mostly to family. I'd invest some of it. Of course I'd buy a house, a new car. I would donate some. There would be too much for me to comprehend and handle.
I told my sisters I would pay for their college fund too. I don't want them mooching off me.
What time do they announce the numbers? I forgot
SinatraAtTheOpera said:
mothafucka stole my avi

Ive had this avy for awhile.
bonhiver said:
i shall settle this, as i remember masked mamba getting this avy/name the day after it became popular

For the record, I said "Masked Mamba" before Stu Lantz did :sarc2:
I sound like a hipster, but its true.
bigj713281 said:
Don't know if I should go out with my friends tonight or play the lotto
Ticket is $1. If you buy one, my chances go down so go out with your friends :he:
Derz said:
You can actually do both :sage:
:shh: My chances are already horrible as it is.
"The jackpot, if taken as a $462 million lump sum and after federal tax withholding, works out to about $347 million. With the jackpot odds at 1 in 176 million, it would cost $176 million to buy up every combination. Under that scenario, the strategy would win $171 million less if your state also withholds taxes."

I shouldve just done this :he:
I don't even know which numbers I had cause I'm not home and left my ticket at home :cryfam: I doubt I won anything tho
GarnetNGold said:


The ***** who won the megamillions in maryland earned 900 Million last year
:cmon: he prolly picked every combination to win.
1 - 20 of 483 Posts
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