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Debra's only son, he was conceived in King's County
That was '89, by '92 he was already rowdy
Misunderstood since he crawled out the womb, the only child
And his momma workin' three jobs, one was dealin' with drama
'Cause I was wildin', he used to rarely see his father
They seperated, couldn't keep his dick in his pajamas
Because he was out there hustlin', tryin' to be a provider
Tryin' to turn a pretty penny into a million dollars
They tell you 'bout my family, that bipolar disorder
And due to karma, my first youngin’ gon’ be a daughter
When I was 5, I told my mom I wanted to die
Then we cry, the crazy shit, man, it wasn’t a lie
Man, this life, is filled with stress
So much oppressed, call New York City "9"
I sit alone and reflect, took me 28 years to realize that I'm blessed
Aunt Pam died from cancer; I quit them cigarettes
Weight of world on my shoulder—I just finished my reps
All addicted to drugs, we all addicted to sex
Feelin' so self-destructive, like I’m clingin' to death
Took my five-digit check and copped some bigger baguettes
Took a look at my ring, finger charm on my neck
Still in touch with myself, that flashy shit won't prevail
I really be shopping for happiness, but that shit ain't for sale
But if you don’t show ‘em then they won’t think you do it well
I heard that blood's thicker than them Atlanta strippers
But these my brothers, I ain't got real brothers to know the difference
And, Erick, if I could, I'd give your mama my kidney
Cause she my momma, too, I promise you
I ride for my ******, die for my ******
Load .4-5 (Rah-rah!) pull homicide for my ******
Word up, 'cause you my brothers, love 'em to death
Written in stone, I take my heart and rip it out my chest
To prove to you that it's Zombie Gang, rotten flesh
That's to the death, *****—no more, nothing less
True, indeed, Juice, if you ever off or bleed
I'm takin' care of your seeds, even if that means millions in fees for custody
She wildin' out on court, I’m like, "Give that bitch what she needs"
("Order in the court!") Judge, please ("Order!")
I guess I still got alot to maturin' to do
I know we still got a whole lot of world tourin' to do
This game is supposed to be locked in, I leak through
Like a real bad pussy pad, watch me seep through
Ooh, it’s *****, baby; a whole different hue
My grand-daddy got 8 balls; come and get a cue
I come from the struggle, motherfucker, get a clue
Headshot, red dot, now make a move



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OP right

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didnt even hear song and im convinced just from reading op

do anybody make real shit anymore :cryfam:

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Was gonna say Saba on PROM / KING but damn you may be right OP
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