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I made a tape of stuff beats is my main thing
Im a guitarist tho the best on the forum check the ig xD (I_Burn_Grass)
Imma be the next best rapper tho
https://soundcloud.com/john-black-96/sets/amixtapenobodycaresabout : thats my mixtape
my soul: my beats my children each respective sound cloud got like 30 beats i got over 1000 i did this shit 5 beats for 3 summers thats 1493 beats ****** and niggaretts
https://soundcloud.com/bhnthascn%2Ftrapshyt https://soundcloud.com/bhnthascn%2Fbdrm-iwntunmy
a losey from the tape me n my boy he got verse 1 i got 2

my style og like my old heads
https://soundcloud.com/jd-black-2%2Fprecious-love https://soundcloud.com/bhnthascn%2F4taey
my music video shot directed by tabby wilson

I don't sample that much but i'll tell u when i do

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