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me and my friends rap group

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hey guys me and my friends have been rapping for like 6 months now and id really appreciate if yall had a listen... all the beats are produced by the leader of the group.... all original beats http://soundcloud.com/gigantorison please listen thanks!
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Duble H Wonder said:
No lol im mainly defending the producer aka planetarian
Link to his music?

Oh shit I'm from Boston too, Beantown represent!
Duble H Wonder said:
Alright I'll check it out. Check out mine too when you get a chance. http://soundcloud.com/faceclef
keep rapping, everyone can improve, but people here have a point... age is no restriction, I'm 16 and started rapping at your age and my lyrics and flow have improved SO much,
my greatest advice would be to put out your beats (tagged so thirsty mafuckas don't steal em), and establish your sound through that, try to create a small buzz.
Keep practicing your craft until it's on point, learn your mastering etc and then come out with some bars, you're better of putting out your BEST shit right away, and you've been posting about how you don't think the rapping's that good...
if you can't bump your own shit don't expect other people to; I listen to my own music all the time, that's how I know it can't be wack af.
anyway, stay true, stay real, keep it up, practice practice practice, and then put your good shit out; pretty much the best advice i can give
61 - 64 of 64 Posts
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