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me and my friends rap group

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hey guys me and my friends have been rapping for like 6 months now and id really appreciate if yall had a listen... all the beats are produced by the leader of the group.... all original beats http://soundcloud.com/gigantorison please listen thanks!
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TreyOfTriforia said:
Fuck the hate dude. Do I like it? Not at all tbh. But I encourage you to keep going. Study your craft. Listen to and emulate HIP-HOP EMCEES. Practice. Write more. Focus on your cadence. Pay attention in English class and use literary devices in your work. Find out where open mics are in your area and go. Listen. Spit your verses a cappella there as Spoken Word. There's alot you can do if you actually wanna spit.

If you just wanna make bullshit tho, idk what to tell you haha
Tbh just do you.
Wallace said:
OK, keep denying it. They're bad, no disputing it. And did I really ruin your day hahahaYes, it is fucking bad. It's boring stock drums with a cheesy synth. No depth, and it sounds amateur as hell. Keep thinking what you're doing is good and see how far you get.
Wallace just chill.No need to hate on a forum. They are just trying to get feedback, instead of hating recommend tips.
1 - 2 of 64 Posts
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