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me and my friends rap group

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hey guys me and my friends have been rapping for like 6 months now and id really appreciate if yall had a listen... all the beats are produced by the leader of the group.... all original beats http://soundcloud.com/gigantorison please listen thanks!
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Duble H Wonder said:
Hey fuck you all for this hate, 1 year later the producer is planetarian and is being compared to toro y moi and tame impala and is currently DMing tyler the creator on twitter about music. FUCK YALL
Do you rap
Duble H Wonder said:
No lol im mainly defending the producer aka planetarian
Link to his music?

Oh shit I'm from Boston too, Beantown represent!
Duble H Wonder said:
Alright I'll check it out. Check out mine too when you get a chance. http://soundcloud.com/faceclef
1 - 3 of 64 Posts
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