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me and my friends rap group

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hey guys me and my friends have been rapping for like 6 months now and id really appreciate if yall had a listen... all the beats are produced by the leader of the group.... all original beats http://soundcloud.com/gigantorison please listen thanks!
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You've been rapping 6 months longer than you should have been. Please stop.
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Duble H Wonder said:
i understand we arent good rappers we're fucking 15 but can u pay attention to the beats cuz those are basically the only things that are good... they are all original
The beats suck squirrel dick, and the fact that you're 15 doesn't matter. There's tons of 15 year olds who at least sound adequate. Your shit is just generally awful. And your voices are unlistenable.
Duble H Wonder said:
make a beat as good as any of them then
I don't produce, but that's irrelevant.

I don't cook, but I can still say if food tastes like shit. You're "music" is legit awful dude. Like, not "maybe mix it better" awful or "your flow was a lil off" awful. No. It's "What the fuck dude, do your parents know you do this? Holy shit, this is a genuine embarrassment, how did you think this was acceptable to release to anyone" awful.
Duble H Wonder said:
i understand you hate it but do you really have to be this hostile. we just started man give us a break.
ya, you need to know how genuinely bad it is or you'll be complacent turning awful into just bad.
Duble H Wonder said:
your opinion is honestly void to me now. cuz these beats are honestly not bad. fucking kill yourself
That's what I'm saying, you're too blind to see that what you did was in no way shape or form good. Stop getting defensive and acknowledge you universally suck.

The beats are incredibly amateur, boring, and sound like they were made by an autistic 8 year old on a FL Studio demo.
Duble H Wonder said:
no they dont. this beat is honestly not bad at all http://soundcloud.com/gigantorison/impressions-featuring-wolf

It sounds like a Nintendo soundtrack reject. It's wack dude, stop denying it.
Duble H Wonder said:
well your honestly the first one to tell me that... we  have actaul signed rappers in my city that asked to be on that remix
lol OK. Signed to who? Their own labels?

Please stop the music.
Duble H Wonder said:
one used to be signed to atlantic... nahh u can leave this now cuzthe hate is very un appreciated... kill urself
Haha OK. Have fun being a joke.
Duble H Wonder said:
\i understand what yourr saying.... we gotta get out of a regular room and go into a studio. and also we dont have access to bands / orchestras like actaul artists so were trying as hard as possible to sound not has homemade
Stop making excuses you idiot, tons of people make dope shit from their laptops. Your music just SUCKS. 9th Wonder uses FL, Tyler recorded Bastard in a closet. ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR SHITTINESS.
Duble H Wonder said:
listeni dont give a shit what you think cuz i honestly know the beats arent bad. go ruin someone elses fucking day you worthless piece of fucking shit
OK, keep denying it. They're bad, no disputing it. And did I really ruin your day hahaha
Duble H Wonder said:
like honestly go to 40 seconds and listen after that... thts not fucking bad http://soundcloud.com/gigantorison/yeah
Yes, it is fucking bad. It's boring stock drums with a cheesy synth. No depth, and it sounds amateur as hell. Keep thinking what you're doing is good and see how far you get.
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