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me and my friends rap group

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hey guys me and my friends have been rapping for like 6 months now and id really appreciate if yall had a listen... all the beats are produced by the leader of the group.... all original beats http://soundcloud.com/gigantorison please listen thanks!
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Fuck the hate dude. Do I like it? Not at all tbh. But I encourage you to keep going. Study your craft. Listen to and emulate HIP-HOP EMCEES. Practice. Write more. Focus on your cadence. Pay attention in English class and use literary devices in your work. Find out where open mics are in your area and go. Listen. Spit your verses a cappella there as Spoken Word. There's alot you can do if you actually wanna spit.

If you just wanna make bullshit tho, idk what to tell you haha
Duble H Wonder said:
thanks for the actual help. very appreciated. i didnt start out thinking i was gonna be good. i wanna make progress
No doubt man. I was right around your age when I started wanting to spit forreal(14, I'm 21 now). I had older guys help me out so I try to pay it forward. I have no clue what it's like in Boston, but I would rap with other guys in school before/after/during class every day. Do that. Buy a composition notebook and write all your rhymes in there. Find people who A) know HIP-HOP and B) you respect their opinion and let them hear you. Listen to your favorite MCs and find 1 key attribute from each of them and attempt to apply it to yourself.
Duble H Wonder said:
no they dont. this beat is honestly not bad at all http://soundcloud.com/gigantorison/impressions-featuring-wolf
Would you accept that beat on Kanye's next album? Hell, on Cyhi's next mixtape? Don't copout and say "We're just 15 year old white boys who just started so grade us on a curve". I didn't get as good as I am(not being cocky, just sayin) with that attitude. I aim every day to be ill enough to take out anyone, Lupe, Kendrick, Blu, KRIT, ANYONE! at any given moment. If you don't develop that competitive drive and desire for perfection, you won't develop as an artist of any sort, but especially not as an MC.
1 - 3 of 64 Posts
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