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Basically, I just wanted to see if I could put together a tracklist that combined the rumored songs from Record For Hype and the new songs from MBTF and Good Fridays. And see if I could makes a ultimate or UNCUT tracklist of songs that fit into the MBTF theme.

1. Dark Fantasy
2. Gorgeous
4. Chain Heavy
5. All of The Lights
6. Monster
7. Holding Me Back
8. So Appalled
9. Christian Dior Denim Flow
10. Thats My Bitch
11. Devil In A New Dress
12. Runaway
13. Dont Look Down
14. Hell of A Life
15. Sweat On My Face
16. Blame Game/Best Birthday
17. The Joy
18. See Me Now
19. Mama's Boyfriend
20. Lost In The World
21. Survive in America

I think this tells a prefect story IMO.

....Start off heavy with the concept of a Dark Fantasy  (Gorgeous girls, having all the POWER, freedom from the heavy Chains of society, and success in All of the Lights).
Basically Ye's dreams when he first wanted to be an artist.
...Then Monster, everything crashes down (Dark and Twisted, Taylor Swift incident). He's labelled as a monster, thinks inwardly about what's Holding "Him" Back, starts to think fuck it, I'm So Appalled at the world( hypocrites). So he, withdraws from the world (disappears goes to Japan and Hawaii).
.....CDDF represents the fake-ness of beauty in the world (I have all the models but I keep calling you).
.....Thats My Bitch refers to the girl he keeps calling (Amber Rose probably). He sees that he's having the same problems that he had with the media but now with Amber, Devil in A New Dress.
.....Tells her to Runaway, refers to his on and off relationship with the media and Amber due to his uncompromising "asshole-ness". But he still does care, deep down so "Dont Look Down" when I let you go.
.....Hell of A Life...reflecting on the craziness of the past year. Sweat On My Face refers to how hard it was for him.
.....Blame Game, he starts to see the hypocritical-ness of his behavior as well and how he blames those that blame him.
....Starts to find The Joy in his life again! Making music, proclaiming to become a better person( Swift apology, giving back to fans). Talks about carrying on for Donda, "hey mom, can you See Me Now?".
.....After 32 years he's starting to come to terms with his childhood and pens Mama's Boyfriend (Even though, Donda's gone he's still her little protector "boyfriend")
.....But at the end, realizes that because she's gone...that he's now Lost In The World by himself wondering if he will Survive In America.

And you can see the concepts of beauty and fantasy that was twisted and turned dark throughout the album
What do ya think?
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